Sarina Chen

Irvine, CA (Southern California)

Hi! I am a Product Designer who has been helping start up to create products in order to receive fundings. Few quick things about me:

  • Currently designing E-commerce Brand & Web Experience at MoBagel, an AI Solution company.
  • Actively crafting long-term relationship app, Onli and seeking for fundings
  • Designed online learning platform experience for uClub.
  • Graduated from UC, Irvine with a B.S. Informatics degree with Psychological Science minor
  • Know how to code in Python, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS.

Growing up having at least a decade age gap with any family member..

I have grown up bridging gap with communication; Adapting different generation norm; Assimilating to different cultures and generations; and translating different needs.

Especially, when I am the first gen in my family to study in U.S., I have to bring the other world I have seen and the different culture I am living in to my family in distant Taiwan. Communication is the key to explaining crop tops and falsies.

why i design

The bad Currency Change Experience that Irritates me..

lead me to the area of UX (and the experience still irritates me as it has not changed in the past decade for Taiwanese bank). I design to eliminate the "huh" moment while using any tech product. But the biggest reason I design is because it makes every minutes fast and enjoying! I love to solve complicate problems with creative solutions!

my whole journey

i was exploring and still am

👚👗🆖 Fashion Design?

At middle school, the passion for creativity brings me to fashion design. I learnt how use tailor machine to fix clothes but not fashion drawing. I had difficulty to draw out my creativity.

🧠😀 Psychology !

Being a people person, I wanted to learn about human minds; and Criminal Minds definitely pushes me more. I got in UCI as Psychology major hearing Criminal Podcast aiming to become a FBI Profiler.

👩💻Coding ??

I took ICS31: Intro to Python and found my hidden and suppressed interest in STEM and Computer Science. It reminded me of my father encouraging me to be THAT woman in STEM.

🧠+💻Human Center Interaction

IN4MATX 131 by Stacy Branham blew my mind. BLEW MY MIND, combines my two favorite, Psychology and Technology. I am ALL IN. Now, I am design for human being, all technology ended with the meaning for human.

beside design

people often used to describes Me ..

  • Adventurous, Zestful, Tech-Savvy, THE FREE PSYCHIARTRIST

What I am Currently Passionate about

  • Coding in React Native and React
  • Explore new food & boba around
  • Making Notion Templates on many different things
  • Rock-climbing

What else I have experience in..

  • Project Management
  • Account Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Psychology